Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Final Essay

 As I move on to the next level in my life I want to leave high school with no regret, but I know I am going to leave with regret. The should have, could have, would have is going to go through my mind as i get older and wiser and I'm sure so is everyone else. "I wish i would have studied more", "I Should have done a sport", "I could have gone to Africa, Hawaii, and Yosemite, but I didn't". But for now I just want to leave knowing I tried my best and I had fun.

Seeing all of my colleagues present there masterpieces was great. to see the passion and emotion in their eyes and the way they talk about it was amazing. I have some high respect for the ones that put themselves out there and to take down their guards for us to see who they really are and to conquer their fears. Sam stuck out to me because she was so quiet all year and to see her go up there and talk for 10 + minutes was great. and i know how hard it is to speak in front of a large body of people because i still get nervous when I speak in front of people but i do it anyways. she did awesome, so proud of her.

I felt that others thought of my presentation as boring and I hate that but, I understand that everyone has their own interest. I love talking about Physical therapy and the rush it gives me when I talk to patients and help the overcome their injury or disability is amazing. I wish it wasn't as boring to them, but we all get interested in different things and that is why I am doing to continue my education after high school at Hancock to major in kinesiology and anatomy so I can learn and become 100% passionate about Physical therapy and have a career in it. If it doesn't work out then i will switch my major to agriculture and stick to what I know and what I'm comfortable with.

Over this past year I felt that I didn't belong in the class. The reason for my feelings toward this is that the class is filled with geniuses and I can't even understand what their talking about most of the time. I feel way out of the loop. I feel like I'm just under average. almost everyone in the class has multiple scholarships and awards for college and I only have two. So maybe that's why I have such of a lack of motivation and inspiration in that class because I know I won't sound intelligent i'm just average. My family is proud of me because there is only a hand full of family that graduated high school and going to college.

The Masterpieces this week were great but the ones that stuck out to me was Classy U, Destructive therapy, It Started With a Seed, and Students Hacking Life. They all did such a great job and put in so much effort in it, it was awesome. I really liked classy u because i can totally see myself using it, just like the pentrest account Student hacking life, the only thing that would keep me from that is that i'm not on pentrest But its great for those who do!  Destructive therapy was great to watch and it made me want to try it or think f my own versions that i can do. It started with a seed was very inspirational, to watch them grow into a flower and to see all of their ups and downs was great to watch, it was human, not perfect and i loved it.

I don't feel like a hero to be honest i feel like an average person doing there best to be themselves and not get labeled. I don't want the attention of a hero i just want to do what i can for others and myself to be successful in life. I'm going to do the best I can and that is all i can promise.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Lit analysis

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott
1. Briefly summarize the plot of the novel you read according to the elements of plot you've learned in past courses (exposition, inciting incident, etc.).  Explain how the narrative fulfills the author's purpose (based on your well-informed interpretation of same).
There is four sisters Beth, the youngest, Amy, the second youngest, Jo, the second oldest, and Meg, the oldest. the sisters are very close. the novel just goes on about how they find their true loves and happiness. Meg marries first to a poor man but they live happily with two children. A childhood friend, laurie, tells jo he loves her and want to marry her, she says no, he then falls in love with Amy and they get maried. Beth falls sick and dies. Jo goes to New York and meet a professor and the professor falls in love with her. Jo goes home and the professor comes and visits and tells her he got a job else where they proclaim their love for each other and get married. the sisters aunt dies and leaves Jo her house and she turns it into a rich/ poor boy boarding house.
2. Succinctly describe the theme of the novel. Avoid cliches.
all of the sisters married for love even if they had the opportunity to marry for money.
3. Describe the author's tone. Include a minimum of three excerpts that illustrate your point(s).

4. Describe a minimum of ten literary elements/techniques you observed that strengthened your understanding of the author's purpose, the text's theme and/or your sense of the tone. For each, please include textual support to help illustrate the point for your readers. (Please include edition and page numbers for easy reference.)

1. Describe two examples of direct characterization and two examples of indirect characterization.  Why does the author use both approaches, and to what end (i.e., what is your lasting impression of the character as a result)?

2. Does the author's syntax and/or diction change when s/he focuses on character?  How?  Example(s)?

3. Is the protagonist static or dynamic?  Flat or round?  Explain.

4. After reading the book did you come away feeling like you'd met a person or read a character?  Analyze one textual example that illustrates your reaction.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Ed

My Ed is my physical therapists, Patrick and Chris. They are such great people ans have helped me and I have learned so much from them and they would always help and give advise when I needed it or If they thought I needed it.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Seeking Mentor

I kind of have mentors at star physical therapy, pat and Chris. They are such awesome people and I know they would totally help me and answer my questions when I have them. I'm lucky to have them.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Resource of the Day

Today me and Haley talked about our masterpieces and we're going to interview my physical therapist and her physical therapist during spring break and her dad has been recording her while she doing gymnastics and I have a couple of pictures of when I swam in a meet so we're going to sort it all out and make a video

5 Resources of Macbeth

The whole play

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